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Project Title

Understanding the Success and Failure of OSS Projects through the Use of Economic Analysis


Shuo Chen, State University of New York at Geneseo

Project Abstract

This project uses economic analysis to understand success and failure in Open Source Software (OSS) projects. The author has conducted economic research on OSS using data from, a platform similar to but smaller than in terms of listed number of OSS projects. One observation in the study is that a large proportion of the projects in the freshmeat OSS community have not been updated for years. It is important to find out if these projects failed or simply moved to After confirming the current status of these projects, we will identify the characteristics of successful and failing OSS projects. The characteristics include license type, programming language, development status, topic of program, age of project, date of last update, number of developers, number of users, etc. We hope to provide useful implications for future OSS practice and research through this study.