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Project Title

The utility of success measures in the effective governance of open source software projects


James Cowling, Stevens Institute of Technology

Dr. Robert Cloutier, Stevens Institute of Technology

Dr. Richard Tumer, Stevens Institute of Technology

Dr. Michael zur Muehlen, Stevens Institute of Technology

Project Abstract

This research aims to identify the factors that lead to the success of an open source project and subsequently metrics that can be used in determining/predicting the success of an open source project. The sourceforge data will be used to investigate the viability of these measures in detecting critical success factors within a project and hopefully building a model. The sourceforge data will then be used to validate that model. By then assessing how the success factors relate to open source project governance mechanisms it is hoped that the most effective governance structures can be determined and "managed". Potentially following research will build on this foundation to begin to develop an engineering methodology for establishing open systems.