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Project Title

The 'Social Network' of Open Source Projects


Prof. Chaim Fershtman, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Prof. Neil Gnadal, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Dr. Gal Oestreicher-Singer, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Dr. Uriel Stettner, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Project Abstract

In a previous paper Fershtman, Chaim, and Neil Gandal, Direct and Indirect Khowledge Spillovers: The 'Social Network' of Open Source Projects, 2011, Rand Journal of Economics - we collected data (from 2006) from Sourceforge and used these data to empirically measure knowledge spillovers among projects hosted at Sourceforge.net.

Our paper distinguished between project spillovers and contributors' spillovers and between direct and indirect spillovers. The paper constructs a unique data set of open source software projects. The data identifies the contributors that work in each project and thus enable us to construct a two-mode network: a Project network and a Contributor network. The paper demonstrates that the structure of these networks is associated with project success and that there is a positive association between project closeness and centrality and project success. This suggests the existence of both direct and indirect project knowledge spillovers. In this new project, we would like to follow-up on our original paper and conduct a dynamic analysis by examining Sourceforge data over time.