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Most Recent Description

Table "sf0805.groups_moorman"
Column Type Modifiers
group_id integer not null
group_name character varying(40)
homepage character varying(128)
is_public integer
status character(1)
unix_group_name character varying(30)
unix_box character varying(20)
http_domain character varying(80)
short_description character varying(255)
cvs_box character varying(20)
license character varying(16)
register_purpose text
license_other text
register_time integer
rand_hash text
use_mail integer
use_survey integer
use_forum integer
use_pm integer
use_cvs integer
use_news integer
preferred_support_type integer
preferred_support_resource text
donation_digest_email text
type integer
use_docman integer
not_open_source integer
new_task_address text
send_all_tasks integer
use_pm_depend_box integer
potm integer
donation_request text
donate_optin integer
paypal_id character varying(80)
big_mirror integer
is_subscribed integer
project_submitter integer
row_modtime integer
use_screenshots integer
use_snapshots integer
status_id integer not null
Indexes: groups_moorman_pk primary key btree (group_id)

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