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Project Title

Barriers Potential New Contributors Face in OSS Projects


Carlos Jensen, Oregon State University

Scott King, Oregon State University

Project Abstract

The primary purpose for wanting access to this data is to aid our research examining what barriers potential new contributors face in trying to make a contribution to an OSS project. We have an ongoing diary study, following a relatively small number of novice OSS contributors. The purpose of accessing the SourceForge data is to determine if we can, how typical their experiences are based on the characteristics of the projects they participate in compared to that of the general OSS ecology, as represented by SourceForge.

We are also interested in examining the SourceForge data to reexamine competing "definitions" of what constitutes "success" for an open source project. We wish to examine whether the data available from SourceForge can be mined to arrive at a more robust definition of "success," or project life-cycles.