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Project Title

Open Source Software Development


Ravi Sen, Texas A&M University

Project Abstract

1.) Impact of project specific characteristics on project success over time. I have analyzed (using cross-sectional data from the influence of certain project-specific characteristics on project popularity. An interesting result was that the choice of GPL has an adverse impact on project popularity. I am interested in investigating this issue further by including some additional independent variables, such as project category, number of developers involved, project status etc. I want to investigate this further by identifying additional factors that could possibly influence project popularity. More specifically, I am interested in analyzing the influence of these determinants on project popularity over time.

2.) Impact of project-specific characteristics on project survival. collects statistics on project activity levels over time (e.g. project vitality). I want to use these measures to define the "death of an open source project" and investigate the survival of OSS projects and the determinants of this survival.