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Project Title

The Dynamics of OSS Development in Competition with Similar Projects for Market and Resources


Xaioquan Zhang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Chong Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Jia Jia, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Project Abstract

This research project aims at investigating the dynamics of open source software development when taking into consideration the competition among similar projects for the market resources. Our primary goal is to detect the project-level synergy creation within the open source community. And it is expected to give us better understanding of how the individual-level incentive, learning across projects, as well as, the project-level competition and coordination affect the overall performance of open source development projects. Prior research on open source development mainly focuses on a single project or individual contributor. They use some direct surveys to investigate, for example, individual participant's incentive to contribute. Only recently, economic analysis has been applied to this stream of research, and competition among multiple projects has been given attention. This research is actually based on economic analysis of open source projects. We use a structural model to describe, theoretically, the formation of project group administrators to improve the way projects are organized and managed.