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Project Title

Modeling the nature of cross-side network effects in two-sided markets


Kimberley Mangino, Boston Fusion Corp

Jorge Tierno, Boston Fusion Corp

Kendra Moore, Boston Fusion Corp

Betsy Benagh, Boston Fusion Corp

Project Abstract

We are conducting a research study funded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), modeling the nature of cross-side network effects in two-sided markets. Our goal is to demonstrate that application of a two-sided market framework with positive cross-side network effects to the existing design and manufacturing process of cyber-mechanical systems will result in significantly lower cost and shorter in their design, development and production. Additionally, the implementation of said market framework will lower barriers to entry within the gov't contracting marketplace, stimulating job growth and open-source style collaboration amongst companies in this field. A successful conclusion to our study will point the way to greater transparency and efficiency, as well as substantial savings of taxpayer dollars.

We are interested in the sourceforge data because open-source software development is a classic example of a successful two-sided network, because of the richness of your data set, and because there are strong parallels between your marketplace and ours.

This study's final products will comprise several reports submitted to DARPA discussing our model and data. We will not reproduce, distribute or sell the data in any way. We will not create any commercial product that uses data. We will have no difficulty complying with the sublicense terms and conditions.